Coral reef bleaching – 2012


Coral reef bleaching and it’s effects are killing the coral and the most important areas in underwater ecosystem as this is the home of many fishes in the sea. This is also their source of food most of the time. A coral reef is mostly where new eggs can be found. That’s why a small sign of damage to coral reefs is a sign of death to millions of different species of marine life. The biggest coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef found in Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

Global Warming.

The coral reef is one of nature’s valuable gift to us however it’s likely to be banished in the surface of the ocean. Why? Well, it looks like human doesn’t value that gift as it seems that most reasons why our coral reef got “sick” are the human activities. Experts say that 58 percent of the world’s coral reefs were threatened by human activities. And that includes the latest information on the impacts of Global Warming and Coral reef bleaching which is by the way caused by humans. Note that coral reef takes years to recover. This is really a bad news. The two impacts are the main reason of today’s coral reef extinction and it’s reported that it goes bad to worse as years pass.

The Dilemma

Global warming is obviously caused by people around the globe and the worst effect it could give is the coral reef bleaching. This dilemma happens to coral reef when the surface of the ocean rise its temperature from warm to hot. When that happens, the zooxantheallae or the unicellular algae that gives the coral “life” will die leading to coral reef bleaching or the simple definition would be a “lifeless coral reef”. One example of worst coral reef bleaching in the record happened way back 2005 on the area of Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. And from the year 2010 up to present year, it is predicted to be even worse.

For that, will the time come that we can only see coral reef on pictures and not in real life?

I hope you enjoyed this small but very important feature.